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Please prepare your submission according to these guidelines. If you need assistance please contact the chair, Tom Ormerod 

All submission abstracts should be up to 250 words, exclusive of the title. It should not include references  and should be written in either the past or present tense. Abstracts of accepted papers will be available to  download on the conference website.

Abstracts must be structured according to the following format, incorporating the indicated headings and information:

Empirical papers/posters: 

Objectives: State the primary objective of the paper and the major hypothesis tested or research question  posed.

Design: Describe the design of the study and the rationale for the procedures adopted. Methods: Describe how participants were selected and number of participants (if documentary data used,  state how these were selected), materials employed (if appropriate), methods of data collection  and analysis.

Results: Include numerical and/or textual data. For qualitative analyses briefly describe your findings (e.g.,  themes, categories, discourses identified).

Conclusions: State the conclusions that can be drawn from the study, including theoretical, methodological, or  applied/policy implications as appropriate and any key limitations of the study.

Additional information for symposia only

The Convenor will need to submit the symposium summary along with any abstracts linked to the  symposium, max of 250 words, (abstract title and symposium title will be the same on the system).  Please complete the separate submission form if you wish to submit a symposium.

Please ensure you list abstracts in the preferred presentation order.

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